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5 Easy Activities for Your Kids During Quarantine

Karen Scarpa

Over 30 years ago Karen relocated from Staten Island to Monroe Township...

Over 30 years ago Karen relocated from Staten Island to Monroe Township...

Mar 17 3 minutes read

5 Easy Activities for Your Kids During Social Distancing

Many of us parents are finding ourselves in the position of keeping our kids busy for the next couple of weeks. If you are looking for some quick and easy ways to get your kids engaged and provide them with some science, gross motor, or educational activities--we have some ideas for you!

1. A Scavenger Hunt

Easy to do, takes only minutes to set up! If you are technologically savvy and have a few more minutes to snap some pictures, you can take pictures, put them in a word document and add a box next to it for the kids to check off when they've found what they're looking for! If not, a simple written list with the items will be good, too! You can choose to do your scavenger hunt outside (think planters, trees, flowers, acorns, leaves, any lawn ornaments you have, etc.) or you can do it inside (think home decor, favorite books, a spoon, a pillow, etc.). You can take close up pictures without labeling to make it more challenging for older kids!

2. Online Field Trips

So many zoos, museums, and libraries are hosting online field trips to interact with the kids while they are home! These are educational, easy for parents, and quality screen time you don't need to feel guilty over! Here are a few of our favorites:

The Cincinnati Zoo is hosting virtual field trips every day on their facebook page!

Discovery Education has a bunch of virtual field trips on their website!

Storyline Online has a ton of books being read aloud by celebrities!

Boston Children's Museum offers a virtual tour where you can walk through the museum!


3. Edible Ice Cream Play Doh

This one has been tested in my own house and is a favorite! All it requires is a can of pre-made frosting and some confectionary sugar (& a little bit of olive oil if it gets too stiff!). Find the recipe here!

4. Create Your Own Dino  (or other small object) Dig

Another activity using only two items commonly found in your home--water and cornstarch! This takes a bit of planning ahead but can keep your kids busy and keep them using fine motor skills! If you don't have a dino fan you can use gems, army men, or any other small figure! The activity can be found here! Another great activity is to use balloons or ice cube trays to freeze small objects in water-kids can then use warm water and play tools to "free" the objects!

5. Ice Cream in a Bag!

This simple recipe is one of my favorites from growing up! You can find the ingredients and recipe here! Quick and easy, this gets your kids involved and gets them excited about making one of their favorite treats!

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